76 Lessons from a True Hero

76 Lessons from a True Hero

Social media has recently been bombarded by the word “hero.” Everyone seems to be seeking to redefine what it means to be a hero. Everything from being who you really are to putting yourself on the line for your country can fall into the heroism category. But that’s not what I want to talk about here, because I think everyone seems to be forgetting a an extremely important hero, and I think you all know who that is.

Harry Potter.

Say what you will about Harry Potter, but I’d say you’d be hard pressed to find a hero who saved the world by defeating the Dark Lord who killed his parents with self-sacrificing love without compromising his integrity all before turning 18. Because Harry Potter is a true hero I find myself watching all of the Harry Potter movies back-to-back every time that I have an extended break from school. I was late in coming to the Harry Potter game, but I’m definitely working hard to make up for lost time. However, it does account for a lot of time lost. So, to justify the hours that I spend watching Harry Potter movies, I have created a list of meaningful lessons that we can learn from watching Harry Potter. Just so you know, my original list was longer. Significantly longer. Significantly.

  1. Materialism destroys character

  2. People will stand in the way of our calling

  3. There are plenty of ways around those people

  4. We shouldn’t be afraid when opportunity comes knocking

  5. Sometimes doing the right thing comes without thanks

  6. You’re capable of far more than you may expect

  7. Sometimes the truth is inconvenient

  8. Sometimes you think you’re just going to run into a wall – but there’s a whole other world waiting for you

  9. Scars may heal, but the mark still remains

  10. Sometimes you’ve got to break the rules to do the right thing

  11. When you open the door you’re not supposed to open, don’t be surprised when you get attacked by a 3-headed dog

  12. Surround yourself with people who will go up against trolls on your behalf

  13. Everyone has a story

  14. Every team needs chaser, beaters, keepers, and seekers

  15. Christmas is the best time of year

  16. Spend your life pursuing that which offers wisdom and truth

  17. Those who destroy the pure & innocent (like a unicorn) are not strong, but despairingly weak

  18. It wouldn’t hurt anyone to know how to play chess

  19. You can’t survive long being two-faced

  20. Winning is about self-sacrifice

  21. Love is always more powerful than hate

  22. Goodbyes are important

  23. You may be the chosen one at Hogwarts, but sometimes going home is still hard

  24. It’s the smallest words of kindness that have the greatest impact

  25. Don’t judge a book by its cover – even enormous spiders can be friends

  26. Even enormous spiders have fears

  27. Sometimes enormous spider friends disappoint you

  28. Darkness flees from the light

  29. Sometimes heroes disappoint us (But not Harry Potter. Harry Potter never disappoints.)

  30. We can’t believe everything the media tells us

  31. Our mistakes have consequences

  32. Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light

  33. The scariest things may also be the greatest

  34. Those with the greatest wisdom have the greatest desire to share it

  35. What we see is not always what is

  36. Humility is required to repair friendships

  37. Resourcefulness may be more important than talent

  38. Winning often calls for a lot of losing

  39. Love protects against even the most powerful evil

  40. Serving our enemies requires great strength

  41. Fear prevents us from seeing truth

  42. Youth doesn’t change truth

  43. There is darkness and light in each person – what we act on is what defines us

  44. Hate is directed at that which seems threatening

  45. We must not tell lies

  46. Be willing to be vulnerable

  47. All deserve respect and desire love – muggles, half-bloods, wizards, and hippogriffs

  48. Promises shouldn’t be broken

  49. Don’t bail on your date

  50. People express love differently

  51. Guilt is harbored in memories

  52. Expect the unexpected

  53. Use self-control in the midst of anger

  54. We need friends who will walk alongside us in the most difficult times

  55. Be brave

  56. Hatred will tear your soul apart

  57. Silence may be the best response to tragedy

  58. We must first save ourselves if we intend to save others

  59. Always be prepared

  60. Surrounding ourselves with darkness makes us dark

  61. Power corrupts

  62. Music heals

  63. Memories can empower or destroy

  64. Solitude is a discipline

  65. Death comes to all

  66. Sometimes the least likely of candidates are most capable of great things

  67. People are surprising

  68. Listening is the key to successful relationships

  69. Give credit where credit is due

  70. Meet people where they are

  71. Confidence comes from doing that which we fear the most

  72. It’s lonely at the top

  73. The greatest causes may require the greatest casualties

  74. Just because someone dies, it doesn’t mean they are gone

  75. No matter how much is lost in the process, in the end love will always triumph over evil

  76. If we’re going to save the world we need faith, hope, and love – but the greatest of these is love

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